Friday, August 28, 2009

Steampunk Jewelry : Rings

These are some of my creations available on ETSY :

Steampunk Jewelry : Rings

The first jewelry i ever made was a ring and for a long time i was selling only rings in my Etsy Boutique ; CatherinetteRings. Originally i used only copper . Then i started to use brass and Sterling silver .

My rings started from the idea that in a steampunk parallel universe , a scientist found a way to channel the various powers locked into gemstones by inventing jewelry using ancient mystical technology . Each stone is linked to a different plane of existence , they are fossilized fragment from these dimensional plane that can be found deep into the earth . Long time ago in a forgotten time these plane were once one with our world but for some mysterious reason they were separated .

See all the rings available on ETSY : Steampunk Rings

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