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Steampunk Jewelry : Catherinette Rings Nomimated for best handmade Jewelry

- I have been nominated as a Finalist for Best handmade Jewelry in the 2013 Reader's Choice Awards 

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Steampunk Jewelry Designer Daniel Proulx

Press & Events :

12 April 2008 - Catherinette Rings open a shop on ETSY.

2 June 2008 - First steampunk piece sold on ETSY.
25 January 2009 - Mention in Fashion Magazine Clind'oeil Article about ETSY
26 February 2009 - Article in the Newspaper Le Voir about Steampunk
May 2009 - Picture of my jewelry featured in Jean Campbell's Steampunk Style Jewelry Book .
21 May 2009 - Steampunk D&D Beholder sculpture featured on

24 May 2009 - Steampunk Spider featured in Daily Deviation on Deviant Art

13 June 2009 - Featured in the innovation section of fashion guide .
13 October 2009 - Participation in The first Steampunk Exhibition to be held at a Major Museum ,The Museum of the History of Science Oxford UK
December 2009 - Article in the Ottawa Magazine about Steampunk
14 january 2010 - The Incredible Steampunk Jewelry Photography of Daniel Proulx
2 February 2010 - Steampunk Robot Ring featured in Daily Deviation on Deviant Art

20 February 2010 - Article about Steampunk in Montreal in the Gazette Newspaper
21 February 2010 - Final Day of the Steampunk Exhibition - Art Donovan Curator of the Exhibition and Jim Bennett Director of the Museum , Member of the Victorian Steampunk Society . Artists present were Ian Crichton, (Herr Doktor-UK), Daniel Proulx, (Canada) and James Richardson Brown (UK)
9-10 March 2010 - First Meeting with Lee Ann Farruga and Pat of Steampunk Ottawa .
April 2010 : Mention in the Beadworkers Guild Journal UK , article by Heather Kingsley-Heath
5 May 2010 : Featured on :
10 May 2010 : Steampunk Robot Sculpture featured on Robot vs Badger
16 May 2010 : My Steampunk Catterpillar featured in Daily Deviation on Deviant Art 

18 May 2010 : Website feature on
12 June 2010 : Steampunk Ottawa Science Fair
July : TV Feature : Steampunk Seraphinite ring is worn by Allison Scagliotti ( Claudia Donovan ) in Warehouse 13 season 2 .
August 2010 : Make Jewelry Magazine Interview , page 39 . 27 to 29 August - Guest at FanExpo Canada . Steampunk Meet-and-Greet Soiree at the Royal York Library Bar , participation in the “Steampunk 101” panel 
and more …
2011 : Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition .
2011 : Featured in 1000 Steampunk Inspiration Book
2011 : Feature in the Book : The Art of Steampunk: Extraordinary Devices and Ingenious Contraptions from the Leading Artists of the Steampunk Movement
2011 : Featured on The Art of Victorian Futurism
Exhibitor at the Kew Steam Bridge Museum in London :
Visit at '' the Asylum '' UK Steampunk Event and Meeting with Major Tinker and Lady Elsie organizer of the event .
Montreal ComiCon 2011
Exhibitor at the Steampunk Bizarre at the Mark Twain House Museum , curated by Dr.Grymm :
2012 : Sculpture featured on Neil Gaiman Anansi Boys Book in Brazil . 
2012 : Special Guest @ G-Anime with Steampunk montreal :
2012 : Special Guest @ Ottawa Comic Con with Steampunk Canada
2012 : Special Guest @ Otakuthon with Steampunk Montreal
2012 : Special Guest @ Montreal Comic Con with Steampunk Montreal
Collaboration with Jardin Mecanique the first Steampunk band in Quebec

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Steampunk jewelry Artist : Daniel Proulx

My name is Daniel Proulx from Montreal. I make Wire-wrapped Steampunk Jewelry with brass, copper and gemstones

I always was very interested in fantasy imaginary world such as Dungeon & Dragon, Lord of the Rings and Science fiction. I’m also inspired by the mix of mechanical, organic shapes and contrast between ancient and futuristic designs.

In April of 2008 I started to make rings just for fun after Catherine (My better half) learned how to make simple wire rings during a 2 hour lesson. I just watched how she made it and tried. Since then I spent several hours every day perfecting and developing my own technique to create an original design. I quickly started to make very retro-futurist model of rings. At that time I decided embarked into this adventure, quit my job and try to live on my jewelry full-time.

One day a friend told me what i was doing was Steampunk . I research the subject and fell in love with this culture . I always liked Steampunk but i didn't know there was a name for it . 

Since 2008 i have sold over 5000 pieces , including sculptures of robots , insect and interesting critters . 

Since then i have also been given the amazing opportunity to have my work featured the first ever Steampunk Exhibition to be held at a major museum at the University of Oxford in the UK in 2009 at the Mark Twain and House Museum Steampunk Exhibition and the Kew Steam bridge Museum . 

My creations also been featured in several Magazine , Newspapers and Books :
- The Art of Steampunk by Art Donovan 
- 1000 Steampunk Creations 
- Steampunk: An Illustrated History of Fantastical Fiction, Fanciful Film and Other Victorian Visions
- International Steampunk Fashion 

Recently one of my rings was also worn by Allison Scagliotti ( Claudia Donovan ) in Warehouse 13 season 2 and one of my sculpture is featured on one of Neil Gaiman's book .

In addition i have been invited as a Special Guest at Fan Expo Canada , ComicCon Montreal , ComicCon Ottawa and Otakuthon where i organized panels with the collaborations of the local Steampunk Community , Steampunk Montreal and Steampunk Canada . 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me .
I really appreciate all the support you have given me .
It helped me become a successful artist.

Daniel Proulx

Monday, August 31, 2009

Steampunk Jewelry : Bracelet

Steampunk Jewelry : Bracelet

Bracelet were the 2nd piece of jewelry i designed . I created a wide variety using the same material i use for my rings . In my bracelet i like to use Brass , Copper and unusual beads .

I recently started to use some Czeck glass button .

Here's a few of my most recent combination :

Gear ,Vintage buttons and Antiqued metal

Brass Scarab and Antiqued metal

Amber and Antiqued metal

Gear ,Garnet and Antiqued metal

Etched Copper bead and Antiqued metal

Brass and Golden Rutilated Quartz

Amber and Antiqued metal

See all the Bracelet available on ETSY : Steampunk Bracelet
See More Bracelet on FLickr : Steampunk Bracelet

New Steampunk Bracelet - 22 November 2009

This week i made a few more designs with some of the Czech Glass Button i kept in my studio . I choose these button for their Retro , Modern and Victorian style. Some of them i had for a few months and i didn't have all the matching color of beads to make them . I still have much more that i need to list in my Etsy boutique this weekend .

Spiral Button

Friday, August 28, 2009

Steampunk Jewelry : Rings

These are some of my creations available on ETSY :

Steampunk Jewelry : Rings

The first jewelry i ever made was a ring and for a long time i was selling only rings in my Etsy Boutique ; CatherinetteRings. Originally i used only copper . Then i started to use brass and Sterling silver .

My rings started from the idea that in a steampunk parallel universe , a scientist found a way to channel the various powers locked into gemstones by inventing jewelry using ancient mystical technology . Each stone is linked to a different plane of existence , they are fossilized fragment from these dimensional plane that can be found deep into the earth . Long time ago in a forgotten time these plane were once one with our world but for some mysterious reason they were separated .

See all the rings available on ETSY : Steampunk Rings